Start Time: Wednesday, September 12, 2018 – 2:18pm
End Time: Friday, September 14, 2018 – 2:18pm
Location: The Rockefeller University

The Genome 10K Community of Scientists (G10KCOS), a consortium of leading scientists representing research centers, zoos, museums, and academic institutions from around the world, is focusing on the Vertebrate Genomes Project, which aims to generate near error-free reference genome assemblies of all 66,000 extant vertebrate species. Our 2018 G10K Annual Meeting will be dedicated to coordinating efforts for the VGP and other G10K projects.

The 2018 G10K Annual Meeting will consist of plenary talks, working groups, and networking events.

Full conference program is available here.

[G10K Sept. 2018 meeting program pdf]