G10K Community Member Publications

Members of the G10K Community of Scientists (G10KCOS) have submitted the following publications and bibliographies from their laboratories. If you are a G10KCOS participant or affiliate and want to be listed here, please send your citations and links to your bibliographies to: G10K webmaster.


Pedersen MW, Samctis BD, Saremi NF, et al. Environmental genomics of Late Pleistocene black bears and giant short-faced bearsCurrent Biology. 2021;31(12):2728-2736.e8. doi:10.1016/j.cub.2021.04.027

Mao, Y., Catacchio, C.R., Hillier, L.W. et al. A high-quality bonobo genome refines the analysis of hominid evolutionNature (2021). doi:10.1038/s41586-021-03519-x

Tom van der Valk, Patrícia Pečnerová, David Díez-del-Molino, Anders Bergström, Jonas Oppenheimer, Stefanie Hartmann, Georgios Xenikoudakis, Jessica A. Thomas, Marianne Dehasque, Ekin Sağlıcan, Fatma Rabia Fidan, Ian Barnes, Shanlin Liu, Mehmet Somel, Peter D. Heintzman, Pavel Nikolskiy, Beth Shapiro, Pontus Skoglund, Michael Hofreiter, Adrian M. Lister, Anders Götherström & Love Dalén. Million-year-old DNA sheds light on the genomic history of mammoths. Nature. 17 February 2021. doi: 10.1038/s41586-021-03224-9

Annabel C Beichman, Klaus-Peter Koepfli, Gang Li, William Murphy, Pasha Dobrynin, Sergei Kilver, M Tim Tinker, Michael J Murray, Jeremy Johnson, Kerstin Lindblad-Toh, Elinor K Karlsson, Kirk E Lohmueller, Robert K Wayne, Aquatic adaptation and depleted diversity: a deep dive into the genomes of the sea otter and giant otter, Molecular Biology and Evolution, msz101.

Annabel C Beichman, Klaus-Peter Koepfli, Gang Li, William Murphy, Pasha Dobrynin, Sergei Kilver, M Tim Tinker, Michael J Murray, Jeremy Johnson, Kerstin Lindblad-Toh, Elinor K Karlsson, Kirk E Lohmueller, Robert K Wayne, Aquatic adaptation and depleted diversity: a deep dive into the genomes of the sea otter and giant otter, Molecular Biology and Evolution, msz101.

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Edana Lord, Nicolas Dussex, Marcin Kierczak, …, Joshua D. Kapp, Beth Shapiro, …, Sergey Vartanyan, Anders Götherström, Love Dalén. Pre-extinction Demographic Stability and Genomic Signatures of Adaptation in the Woolly Rhinoceros. Current Biology. August 13, 2020, DOI:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cub.2020.07.046

Klaus-Peter Koepfli, Gaik Tamazian, David Wildt, Pavel Dobrynin, Changhoon Kim, Paul B. Frandsen, Raquel Godinho, Andrey A. Yurchenko, Aleksey Komissarov, Ksenia Krasheninnikova, Sergei Kliver, Sofia Kolchanova, Margarida Gonçalves, Miguel Carneiro, Pedro Vaz Pinto, Nuno Ferrand, Jesús E. Maldonado, Gina M. Ferrie, Leona Chemnick, Oliver A. Ryder, Warren E. Johnson, Pierre Comizzoli, Stephen J. O’Brien and Budhan S. Pukazhenthi. Whole Genome Sequencing and Re-sequencing of the Sable Antelope (Hippotragus niger): A Resource for Monitoring Diversity in ex Situ and in Situ Populations. G3: GENES, GENOMES, GENETICS. Volume 9 Issue 5, May 2019 

Ravi, V and Venkatesh, B. The divergent genomes of teleosts. Annual Review of Animal Biosciences. Vol. 6:47-68, pp 47-68.

Sergej NowoshilowSiegfried SchloissnigJi-Feng FeiAndreas DahlAndy W. C. PangMartin PippelSylke WinklerAlex R. HastieGeorge YoungJuliana G. RoscitoFrancisco FalconDunja KnappSean PowellAlfredo CruzHan CaoBianca Habermann, Michael HillerElly M. Tanaka & Eugene W. Myers. The axolotl genome and the evolution of key tissue formation regulators. Nature Biotechnology. 2018 Jan 24.

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