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A reference standard for genome biology. Dec 2018

Tiny New Mexico bird playing big role for science. Nov 2018

Stay tuned for G10K-VGP worskhop agenda. Jan 2018

VGP External and Internal Data Use Embargo Policies. Jan 2018 release

The Genome 10K (G10K) Consortium Selects 10x Genomics for Next Phase of Their Vertebrate Genome Project (VGP). September 12, 2017. Business Wire.

Reconstruction of ancient chromosomes offers insight into mammalian evolution. June 21, 2017. Lisa Howard. Science & Technology.

Genome Biology: Fostering partnerships and advancing research. Jun 20, 2017. Jack Rudd. Technology Networks.

Animal gene sequencing project aims to assemble a comprehensive genomic zoo. March 24, 2017. Digital Trends.

Earth biogenome project seeks to sequence planet’s eukaryotic species. Mar 16, 2017. GenomeWeb.

Conferences explore genomic science – from biodiversity to biomedicine. March 8, 2017. Cambridge Network.

Singing In the brain. March 1, 2017. The Scientist.

Biologists propose to sequence the DNA of all life on Earth. Feb. 24, 2017. Science.

G10K and B10K initiatives select PacBio SMRT Sequencing for next phase of genome projects. October 13, 2016. Globe Newswire

BGI, G10K set goals for next stage in animal sequencing collaboration. October 23, 2015. GenomeWeb.

We are sequencing the genomes of the world, and it’s giving us a new vision of life. September 10, 2015. The World Post.

Cloned pugs are creepy, not cute. Robert Coolman. September 10, 2015. The Daily Beast.

A unique perspective on health and exercise. September 2, 2015. News Medical.

Dogs, cats, and big-wave surfers: Healthy heart lessons from animals and athletes. Tim Stephens. September 1, 2015. UC Santa Cruz.

Sequencing the black rhino genome could save the species from extinction. Ben Guarino. June 26, 2015. Inverse.

Extraordinary origins, unlikely superpowers: the turtle genome unveiled. Rachel E. Gross. May 13, 2015. Medill Reports.

Genome 10K Project: complex animal life and how it has evolved over time. May 2, 2015. Inside Science.

A never-ending race between evolution and genomic integrity. April 29, 2015. UniProt.

Creating a genomic zoo. Marsha Lewis. April 22, 2015. Inside Science.

Tweets from the 2015 Genome 10K Conference. March 1-5. 2015.

The Genome 10K Project: A way forward. Benedict Paten. February 18, 2015. Annual Review of Animal Biosciences.

A flock of genomes tells the tale of bird evolution. Geoffrey Mohan. December 11, 2014. Los Angeles Times.

As species decline, so does research funding. Terrie M. Williams. November 6, 2014. LA Times.

Fishing in African Great Lakes for answers. David Ee. October 28, 2014. YourHealth.

Sticky fingers ground jumping genes. David Shultz. October 1, 2014. Science.

The human genome is in stalemate in the war against itself. Ed Yong. September 28, 2014. National Geographic.

Wildlife energy: Survival of the fittest. Andrew Curry. September 10, 2014. Nature.

Reawakening extinct species. Gabriela Quirós. April 22, 2014. KQED QUEST.

The mammoth cometh. Nathaniel Rich. February 27, 2014. The New York Times.

Big Data. Joel Hersch. January 15, 2014. Good Times.

New organization brings together top researchers to sequence the genomes of invertebrates. Annette Gallagher. January 6, 2014. EurekAlert.

UCSC researcher leads cancer’s digital revolution. Patricia Waldron. December 25, 2013. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

International team takes aim at large-scale invertebrate sequencing project. Andrea Anderson. December 17, 2013. Genome Web

Cost-effective method accurately orders DNA sequencing along entire chromosomes. Leila Gray. November 7, 2013. UW Health Sciences/UW Medicine.

Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce to honor David Haussler, Laura Brown on Nov. 15. Jondi Gumz. November 6, 2013. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Scientists gain new insights into dolphin’s evolutionary history and conversation. October 29, 2013. Science Daily.

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Dolphin study provides insight into history, conservation of species. October 30,2013. redOrbit.

The cat: evolution, domestication and Genome 10K. YouTube. October 16, 2013.

The Cancer Genome Atlas Pan-Cancer analysis project. October 2013. Nature Genetics.

Building the ark. Elizabeth Kolbert. October 2013. National Geographic.

Researchers present genomic analysis of tiger and other big cat genomes. September 17, 2013. GenomeWeb Daily News.

What’s swimming in the river? Just look for DNA. Richard Harris. July 24, 2013. NPR

Algorithms for genome analysis. July 3, 2013. Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Genetic rescue and biodiversity banking: Oliver Ryder at TEDxDeExtinction. April 5, 2013. YouTube.

Consortium sequences, assembles human genome project donor to improve reference assembly. Julia Karow. March 5, 2013. GenomeWeb.

Life, the universe, and everything: an interview with David Haussler. Jane Gitschier. January 31, 2013. PLOS Genetics.

Illumina’s Moleculo provides long DNA fragment sequences to improve genomes, clinical assays. Julia Karow. January 15, 2013. GenomeWeb.

Illumina acquires Moleculo, plans to increase MiSeq reads to 400 bases, opens new sequencing facility. Monica Heger. January 8, 2013. GenomeWeb.

366 days: Nature’s 10–Ten people who mattered this year. David Cyranoski. December 19, 2012. Nature.

International interest, as sequencing of the tuatara genome begins. September 28, 2012. New Zealand Genomics Limited.

Ground finch genome sequenced to honor Darwin, tell finches apart. Ian Chant. August 17, 2012. Geeko System.

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Peter Grant on genomics, evolution, and Darwin’s finches. Mary Bates. September 4, 2012. AAAS MemberCentral.

Researchers sequence genome of Darwin’s finches. Tang Yew Chung. August 20, 2012. Asian Scientist.

Iconic Darwin finch genome sequenced. August 17, 2012. ScienceDaily.

Genome mapping of crocodiles could aid in species conservation. May 22, 2012. RedOrbit.

Search for pore-fection. Elizabeth Pennisi. May 4, 2012. Science Magazine.

Solving the genomic jigsaw puzzle. Kate Yandell. May 1, 2012. Scienceline.

Man maps genes of the world’s fish species. April 15, 2012. The Sunday Times.

De novo genome assembly: what every biologist should know. Monya Baker. March 27, 2012. Nature Methods.

Frozen Zookeeper. John Nielson. March 2012. Conservation Magazine.

UK-based company unfurls new technology to sequence whole strands of DNA. Tanya Lewis. February 25, 2012. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

To Russia, with love. Elizabeth Pennisi. January 31, 2012. Science Insider.

In evolution of body size, 24 million generations from mouse to elephant. Tim Stephens. January 30, 2012. University of California, Santa Cruz News.

TEDxSantaCruz: Terrie Williams–The biology of big. January 13, 2012. Youtube.

David Haussler | The Cancer Genome Hub. Audio by Dr. Moira Gunn. January 10, 2012. Tech Nation on IT Conversations.

Soon, $1,000 will map your genes. Ron Winslow and Shirley S. Wang. January 10, 2012. Wall Street Journal.

Genome alignment gets competitive. Sarah C.P. Williams. Janurary 6, 2012. BioTechniques.com.

Assemblathon I offers lessons in complex genome assembly. Kevin Davies. December 13, 2011. Bio-IT World.

Computer scientists may have what it takes to help cure cancer. David Patterson. December 5, 2011. The New York Times.

DNA sequencing caught in deluge of data. Andrew Pollack. November 30, 2011. The New York Times.

David Haussler at The Cancer Genome Atlas’ 1st annual scientific symposium. November 29, 2011. YouTube by Genome TV.

Top 7 in Evolutionary Biology. (Assemblathon paper by Dent Earl, Haussler laboratory ranks 3rd). Jef Akst. November 29, 2011. The Scientist.

Decoding cancer. Camille Mojica Rey. Thursday, November 17, 2011. University of California, Santa Cruz.

The mammal family tree. Kristofer M. Helgen. October 28, 2011. Science.

UC Davis and BGI announce partnership to establish state-of-the-art genome center in Sacramento. October 25, 2011. BGI Americas press release.

The Bedrock of BGI: Huanming Yang. Kevin Davies. September 27, 2011. Bio-IT World.com

This week in genome research. September 21, 2011. GenomeWeb.

Scripps research scientists produce first stem cells from endangered species in hopes of strengthening populations. Mika Ono. September 4, 2011. The Scripps Research Institute.

Vertebrate evolution occurred in genetically distinct epochs. August 19, 2011. Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

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Don’t throw it out: ‘Junk DNA’ essential in evolution. Joe Palca. August 19, 2011. NPR.

Genomic analysis points to three regulatory region expansions during vertebrate history. Andrea Anderson. August 18, 2011. GenomeWeb.

Three periods of innovation in gene regulation occurred during the evolution of vertebrate animals: study. August 18, 2011. PhysOrg.

Three waves of innovation in vertebrate evolution. Gunnar De Winter. August 18, 2011. Science 2.0.

Loss of large predators has caused widespread disruption of ecosystems. Tim Stephens. July 14, 2011. University of California, Santa Cruz.

En route to 1K reference genomes, BGI completes sequencing and assembly of 95 species. Monica Heger. July 12, 2011. genomeweb.

BGI announces the latest progress of 2001-07-11 16:16:25. July 11, 2011. BGI News.

American bald eagle sequenced. July 4, 2011. The Genome Institutue

People in the news. June 17, 2011. GenomeWeb Daily News.

Bioinformatics expert David Haussler awarded Oxford’s Weldon Memorial Prize. Tim Stephens. June 14, 2011. UC Santa Cruz.

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UCSC professor awarded Oxford biology prize: David Haussler recognized for work on genome, cancer research. June 20, 2011. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

UCSC professor awarded Oxford biology prize: David Haussler recognized for work on genome, cancer research. June 20, 2011. MercuryNews.com.

Paired ends. June 21, 2011. GenomeWeb.

‘Frozen Ark’ offers hope for the future. Nicolette Craig. May 29, 2011. Practical Fishkeeping.

As 454 preps launch of Sanger-length reads, early customers highlight utility for de novo assembly.May 24, 2011. GenomeWeb Daily News.

Genome assembly challenge taps wisdom of the crowd. May 16, 2011. NHGRI, genome.gov.

Zoo leads effort to map genes of 10,000 animals. Keith Darce. May 9, 2011. San Diego Union-Tribune.

Genetic secrets of the Narwhal. Mario Giovacchini. May 9, 2011. qb3 web site.

Various videos of Genome 10K project. YouTube.

World famous cheetah dies. April 4, 2011. Cheetah Conservation Fund press release.

Genome builders face the competition. Erika Check Hayden. March 23, 2011. Nature.

BGI to contribute to international project to sequence 200,000 microbes. March 22, 2011. genomeweb.

A new evolutionary history of primates. March 18, 2011. ScienceDaily.

The Neanderthal in all of us… March 14, 2011. Science Today.

Selling the science. Nathan Blow. March Issue, 2011. BioTechniques

America’s 25 fastest-growing tech companies. John J. Ray. February 16, 2011. Forbes.

The genomic ark.  Julie Manoharan. January 25, 2011. BioTechniques

UCSC’s Richard Green honored for top research paper in Science. Tim Stephens. January 7, 2011. UCSC News.

As some scientists criticize quality of short-read assemblies, others say improvements enable large-scale projects. January 4, 2011. GenomeWeb Daily News.

Early reports from the ‘dark matter’ of the genome. Brandon Keim. December 22, 2010. Wired Science.

US European teams launch parallel challenges to improve computational methods for genome assembly. Uduak Grace Thomson. December 10, 2010. GenomeWeb Daily News.

Life Technologies wins top ten innovations of the year award. Yahoo!Finance. December 2, 2010.

G10K allies with BGI to decode 101 species within 2 years. November 30, 2010. BGI press release.

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Genome 10K Project Launched. December 20, 2010. China Science and Technology Newsletter.

UCSC working on animal genome sequencing. Tovin Lapan. November 30, 2010. Santa Cruz Sentinel. Also Mercury News.

University of California-Santa Cruz working on animal genome sequencing in international effort. December 4, 2010. Sacramento Bee.

Genome 10K Project announces first 101 species for genome sequencing. Tim Stephens. November 30, 2010. GEN.

Genome 10K Project announces first 101 species for genome sequencing. Tim Stephens. November 30, 2011. PhysOrg.com.

Genome 10K Project announces first 101 species for genome sequencing. Tim Stephens. November 30, 2010. EurekAlert.

Genome 10K Project announces first 101 species for genome sequencing. November 30, 2010. Science News.

Genome 10K Project announces first 101 species for genome sequencing. November 30, 2010. Biology News Net

Genome 10K Project announces first 101 species for genome sequencing. November 30, 2010. Scientific Computing.

Genome 10K Project announces first 101 species for genome sequencing. November 30, 2010. San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research.

Genome 10K Project announces first 101 species for genome sequencing. November 30, 2010. Front Side Bus.

Genome 10K Project announces first 101 species for genome sequencing. November 30, 2010. FirstScience.

Genome 10K Project announces first 101 species for genome sequencing. November 30, 2010. Silobreaker.

Scientists working on animal genomes. December 5, 2010. Chattanooga Times Free Press.

University of California-Santa Cruz working on animal genome sequencing in international effort. December 4, 2010. The Bellingham Herald.

Genome 10K Project announces first 101 species for genome sequencing. December 3, 2010. Genetics Times.

Genomes by the thousand. Alla Katsnelson. October 28, 2010. Nature.

Biology without borders. David E. Schindel. October 13, 2010. Nature.

Of infraRedd and infoRedd. Pat Mooney. October 7, 2010. Pambazuka News

‘Genetic Zoo’ could house 10,000 animal species. Talal Al-Khatib. October 1, 2010. Discovery News.

Comparative animal genomics and evolution of human disease. September 13, 2010. PRNewire.

A zoo without bars. Marissa Cevallos. August 26, 2010. Science Notes 2010. Zoo Podcast

Q&A: Illumina CEO on the future of genetic sequencing. Keith Darce. August 17, 2010. Signon San Diego.

Life Technologies announces agreement to acquire Ion Torrent. August 17, 2010. Life Technologies.

New frogs and geckos and pigeons, oh my. Randolph E. Schmid. May 17, 2010. Associated Press.

UC Santa Cruz researcher: Lizards driven to extinction due to global climate change. Lisa Krieger. May 14, 2010. San Jose Mercury News.

Computer kid makes good. Elizabeth Pennisi. May 7, 2010. Science.

Thirty-five million dollar boost for ‘Barcode of Life’. Paul Webster. April 23, 2010. Science Insider.

5 animal genomes that may hold cures to human diseases. Bijal P. Trivedi. April 2010. Popular Mechanics.

Tweet: scientists decode songbird’s genome. March 31, 2010. ScienceDaily.

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Chinese bioscience: The sequence factory. David Cyranoski. March 3, 2010. Naturenews.

Beyond Darwin’s Wildest Dreams. February 2010. Matthew Dublin. genomeweb.

Building the library of life. January, 24, 2010. University of Guelph, the Portico.

BGI seeks proposals to sequence 1,000 plant, animal genomes; pledges $100M toward effort. Julia Karow. January 12, 2010. GenomeWeb.

Genomics: Panda genome decoded. Felix Cheung. December 16, 2009. NatureChina.

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Building the Genome Zoo. Robert Pollie Podcast interviewing David Haussler. November 22, 2009. KUSP (NPR).

10K Genomes project to create vertebrate genome zoo. interview with Eric Green & Adam Felsenfeld. November 18, 2009. NHGRI.

10,000 genomes to come. Erika Check Hayden. November 4, 2009. Nature.

No genome left behind. Elizabeth Pennisi. November 6, 2009. Science.

Genome 10K: A new ark. Janet Raloff. November 4, 2009. Science News.

‘Genome zoo’ would house 10,000 species. November 4, 2009. CBS News.

UCSC genome project. PK Javaheri. November 5, 2009. CBS News.

‘Genomic zoo’ to unlock vertebrate secrets. Fiona MacDonald. November 5, 2009. ABC Science.

DNA samples for Genome 10K project. Video by Michael Smith. December 7, 2009. The University Daily Kansan.

KU to donate tissue samples. December 1, 2009. The Capital-Journal.

LSU Museum of Natural Science to play major role in genome zoo project. Charles Nunmaker. December 8, 2009. TigerWeekly.

The most important scientific breakthroughs. December 3, 2009. The Irish Times.

SFI funded UCD scientist to play key role in world’s most ambitious study of animal evolution.November 19, 2009. Science Foundation Ireland.

KU will be key donor of DNA samples to ambitious ‘Genomic Zoo’ project. December 2, 2009. Kansas City infoZine.

KU to donate DNA for ‘genomic zoo.’ December 2, 2009. The Wichita Eagle.

KU to donate DNA for ‘genomic zoo.’ December 2, 2009. Associated Press.

Horse genome added to growing list of barnyard genetics projects. Tina Hesman Saey. November 5, 2009. Science News.

Project to collect species’ genetic codes. November 5, 2009. UPI.com

Team publishes paper on 10K vertebrate species sample collection effort. Andrea Anderson. November 4, 2009. GenomeWeb Daily News.

The genomic ark: collecting the genomes of 10,000 species.Allison Proffitt. November 4, 2009. Bio-IT World.

New genomic zoo to collect DNA of 10,000 vertebrate species. Jeremy Hsu. November 4, 2009. Popular Science.

Noah’s ark of DNA to create a genome zoo. Mark Colvin. November 5, 2009. ABC News-Australia.

Birds and reptiles and mammals, oh my. Roberta Kwok. November 4, 2009. Conservation Magazine.

UCSC: Scientists propose a ‘genome zoo’ of 10,000 vertebrate species. Lisa M. Krieger. November 4, 2009. San Jose Mercury News.

Scientists propose a ‘genome zoo’ of 10,000 vertebrate species, to be stored at UC Santa Cruz. Olga Kuchment. November 5, 2009. Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Scientists launch effort to sequence the DNA of 10,000 vertebrates. November 5, 2009. Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

How the elephant got its trunk (and other wonders of nature). Steve Connor. November 5, 2009. The Independent.

LSU to aid ‘genome zoo’. Jordan Blum. November 5, 2009. The Advocate.

‘Genomic zoo’ plan unveiled. Dick Ahlstrom. November 5, 2009. The Irish Times.

Scientists aim to build ‘genomic zoo’. November 5, 2009. LondonWired.

Fish scientist key player in genome study. Chang Ai-Lien. November 21, 2009. Wild Singapore.

Sequencing DNA of 10,000 vertebrates would help explain evolutionary mysteries. November 5, 2009. Thaindian News.

The Genome 10K Project. Bridget Coila. November 17, 2009. Suite101.com.

IMCB scientists play a key role in an international effort to sequence genomes of 10,000 vertebrates.November 6, 2009. Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology.

U of G part of international ‘genome zoo’ proposal. November 6, 2009. University of Guelph.

Genomic zoo aims to sequence DNA of 10,000 vertebrate species. Jaymi Heimbuch. November 6, 2009. treehugger.

A wish list of 10,000 genomes. Elizabeth Pennisi. November 4, 2009. Science.

Consortium prepares to sequence 10,000 vertebrate genomes once cost comes down. Julia Karow. November 8, 2009. GenomeWeb Daily News.

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Krista Conger. November 4, 2009. Stanford University Scope.

‘Genome 10K’ proposal aims to sequence 10,000 vertebrates. Scott Baker. November 4, 2009. Oregon State University, Life Sciences World,  and Science Codex.

Singapore scientists join international study of 10,000 vertebrates’ genomes. Yunshi Wang. November 4, 2009. EurekAlert.

‘Genome 10K’ to sequence DNA of 10,000 vertebrates. November 4, 2009. redOrbit.

A*STAR scientists to play key role in landmark project to study genomes of 10,000 vertebrates.November 4, 2009. SGPressCentre.

UC Santa Cruz, Salk academics have money to burn on search for evidence of evolution–Genome 10K.Bill Belew. November 4, 2009. Christian Worldview Examiner.

Genome 10K: a new ark. November 22, 2009. Life Sciences Blog.

Mapping a cave fish genome: polygenic systems and regressive evolution. R. Borowsky and H. Wilkens. December 7, 2001. Journal of Heredity.

Non-English News

Die Arche Haussler. Julia Von Koch. November 30, 2009. Der Spiegel.

החל פרויקט ענק למיפוי הגנים של אלפי בע”ח. Alex Doron. November 9, 2009. Ma’ariv.

El ‘zoo’ genético de los animales vertebrados. Rosa M. Tristán. November 5, 2009. El Mundo.

Arranca el proyecto del arca de Darwin. Manuel Ansede. November 5, 2009. Publico.

Genome 10K Project: Secuenciando vertebrados. Ariel Palazzesi. November 5, 2009. Neoteo.

El mundo cientifico y el nuevo “arca de Noe.” Pepe Rodríguez. November 5, 2009. La Voz.

Lanzan el proyecto que secuenciará el genoma de 10.000 especies de vertebrados. November 5, 2009. Europa Press.

Dna di 10 milioni di animali. November 5, 2009. Corriere Canadese.

Épül Noé bárkája. November 5, 2009. hvg.hu

Геномный «зоопарк». 05 ноября 2009. S&TRF

De genenbank van Noach. Arjen Dijkgraaf. November 5, 2009. C2W

Arvsmassan kartläggs hos 10 000 djur. November 5, 2009. Dagbladet.

Un consorcio de científicos decide crear un ‘zoo virtual’ con los genomas de 10.000 animales.November 4, 2009. El Periodico.

Blogs & Podcasts

Redefining Productivity in the Age of COVID-19. April 16, 2020. Sadye Paez and Erich Jarvis. The Scientist.

Tweets from the 2015 Genome 10K Conference. March 1-5. 2015.

Genome assembly contest prompts soul-searching. July 22, 2013. Erika Check Hayden. Nature newsblog.

Genome 10k project could help in saving endangered species. October 5, 2012. Biotechnology Forums.

Update on the Genome 10K Project. Dr. Dolittle. August 23, 2012. ScienceBlogs.

Genome 10K Project Dr. Dolittle. January 13, 2011. ScienceBlogs.

Update on 10,000 genomes and tasmanian devils. Hilary Miller. September 27, 2010. Sciblogs.

A zoo without bars. Marissa Cevallos. August 26, 2010. Podcast.

Tuatara holds clues to human evolution. Hilary Miller. June 16, 2010. Sciblogs.

The Genome 10K project. Lundi. June 7, 2010. Personalized Medicine.

Conservation: 10 reasons for hope. Suzanne Hall. May 20, 2010. San Diego Zoo.

Next gen sequencing buzz. April 17, 2010. Posted by avilella.

Deep versus wide genomes. February 11, 2010. john hawks weblog.

Futures in Biotech 53: Project Genome 10K–Mapping life’s greatest journey. Marc Pelletier audio interview with David Haussler. January 26, 2010. twit.tv.

Why sequence 10,000 genomes? January 6, 2010. Aliquot.

Genome 10K: The religion killer? January 5, 2010. Free Thinkers Bible.

Genome 10K. Susan Perkins. December 19, 2009. Dechronization.

Genome research: good idea, bad idea. December 8, 2009. Marmorkrebs.blogspot.com.

Genome 10K: A new Ark. savwafair2012. December 2, 2009. Disclose.tv.

Building the Genome Zoo. Robert Pollie Podcast interviewing David Haussler. November 22, 2009. KUSP (NPR).

Genome 10K proposal aims to sequence 10,000 vertebrates. November 18, 2009. Science Oxford.

Genome 10K Project To Sequence 10000 Species. Randall. Parker. November 15, 2009. FuturePundit.

10,000 genome library proposed. Austin Brown. November 10, 2009. The Long Now Blog.

Genomes galore on the horizon. November 10, 2009. The chicken or the egg.

Scientists Propose a Genome Zoo of 10,000 Vertebrate Species. Alfie. November 7, 2009. Life Sciences Blog.

10,000 genomes – why? Steven Salzberg. November 7, 2009. Genomics, Evolution, and Pseudoscience.

Arranca el proyecto del arca de Darwin. November 6, 2009. Anima-Blog.

Genome 10K Project: Secuenciando vertebrados. Ariel Palazzesi. November 5, 2009. Hacia un Nuevo Mundo.

Scientists mapping out 10,000 animal genomes for “Genetic Zoo.” Rosa Golijan. November 4, 2009. Gizmodo.